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My book, The Hammock:  A novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot, is available through The ebook edition, illustrated with 17 full-color, high-resolution fine art images courtesy of The Bridgeman Art Library, is pictured at the right. Now available, a new paperback edition!

I began my blog by chronicling the early years of French painter James Tissot (1836-1902) and his friends Edgar Degas (1834-1917), Édouard Manet (1832-1883), Berthe Morisot (1841-1895), James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903), Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), John Everett Millais (1829-1896),  Lourens Tadema (later Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1836-1912), and Tommy Bowles (Thomas Gibson Bowles, 1841-1922).

If you’ve read The Hammock and you’d like to learn more about the lives of the artists it portrays, see the index to my blog posts below.  Together, they create a companion volume to The Hammock, sharing the true stories behind Tissot’s life, friends, and times, year by year, from his youth to his pre-war celebrity.  Join me as I explore people and events prior to my novel’s opening in October 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War and the Siege of Paris, and other topics related to James Tissot and his art.

2020_02, Lucy Paquette, IMG_6570, ed, copyright R. Zuercher, 2019

With Tissot’s Self-Portrait (c. 1865) at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Read worldwide, my blog combines previous scholarship with original research and discussions of Tissot’s work in public collections and at auction.  Learn sales prices and where you can find Tissot’s oil paintings in museums around the world, as well as stories of the celebrities, aristocrats, millionaires, and other colorful characters who have owned some of Tissot’s most famous oil paintings.

In October, 2018, I posted about a milestone:

The Hammock’s Six-Year Anniversary: Top Ten Tissot Posts (2012-2018) by Lucy Paquette

Please leave a comment to let me know what you’re reading on my blog, and tell me a bit about yourself.

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September 2012:

Coming Fall 2012: The Hammock: A novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot, by Lucy Paquette

Image -- faust-and-marguerite-in-the-garden“I was a lazybones”: James Tissot’s youth, 1836 – 1855

On his own: Tissot as a Paris art student, 1855 — 1858

Becoming James: Tissot’s first Salon, 1859

Riding Coattails: Tissot’s earliest success, 1860 – 1861

October 2012:

Image -- James_Tissot_-_Two_SistersLondon Début: Tissot explores a new art market, 1862

Reality Check: Tissot and the Salon des Réfuses, 1863

Modern Painter: Tissot’s Focus Shifts, 1864

The Hammock is now available for Kindle e-readers!

Paris c. 1865: The Giddy Life of Second Empire France

Ready and waiting: Tissot’s entrée, 1865

The competition: Tissot’s friends Whistler, Degas, Manet, Courbet, Alma-Tadema & Millais in 1866

November 2012:

Image -- Jacques_Joseph_Tissot_(French_-_Portrait_of_the_Marquise_de_Miramon,_née,_Thérèse_Feuillant_-_Google_Art_ProjectIn a class by himself: Tissot beyond the competition, 1866

“The three wonders of the world”: Tissot’s japonisme,1864-67

Degas’ portrait: Tissot, the man-about-town, 1867

The Bad Boys of the 1867 Paris International Exposition: Whistler, Manet & Courbet

On top of the world: Tissot, Millais & Alma-Tadema in 1867

December 2012:

image -- James_Tissot_-_The_Circle_of_the_Rue_Royale_-_Google_Art_Project“Chi-so”: Tissot teaches a brother of Japan’s last Shogun, 1868

The high life, 1868: Tissot, his villa & The Circle of the Rue Royale

Tissot and Manet attempt to help their friend Degas, 1868

Others in Tissot’s circle: Morisot, Courbet, Alma-Tadema, Whistler & Millais in 1868

January 2013:

Image, young-ladies-looking-at-japanese-objectsJames Tissot’s brilliant marketing tool, 1869

“Hurling towards the abyss”: The Second Empire, 1869

Friendship, love & quarrels: Tissot and his friends Degas, Manet & Morisot, 1869

1869: Tissot meets “the irresistible” Tommy Bowles, founder of British Vanity Fair

Of Snobbery, Death & Parlormaids: Millais, Alma-Tadema & Whistler, 1869

February 2013:

Image -- 587px-James_Tissot_-_La_Partie_carréeTissot’s last Salon: Paris, 1870

Welcome to the Royal Academy Exhibition: London, 1870 (Part I)

Genius, or only strange tricks? Tissot’s friends Whistler & Alma-Tadema at the Royal Academy, 1870 (Part II)

Mrs. Grundy Objects: Millais at The Royal Academy Exhibition, London, 1870 (Part III)

The calm before the storm: Courbet & Tissot in Paris, January to June, 1870

“Napoleon is an idiot”: Courbet & the Fall of the Second Empire, 1870

Image -- men-of-the-day-no-100-caricature-of-gen-louis-jules-trochu-caption-readsMarch 2013:

James Tissot & Tommy Bowles Brave the Siege Together: October 1870

Courage & Cowardice: The Impressionists at War, 1870 (Part 1 of 2)

Courage & Cowardice: The Impressionists at War, 1870 (Part 2 of 2)

“The Future of French Art”: Henri Regnault (1843-1871)

April 2013:

Image -- James_Tissot_-_La_Japonaise_au_bainThe Missing Tissot Nudes

James Tissot and The Artists’ Brigade, 1870-71

Paris, June 1871

London, June 1871

The Artists’ Rifles, London

May 2013:

IMG_3590, edited versionA spotlight on Tissot at the Met’s “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity”

Tissot vs. Whistler, Degas, Manet & Morisot oils at auction

James Tissot oils at auction: Seven favorites

Kathleen Newton by James Tissot: eight auctioned oil paintings

100_1376 (2), used on blogJune 2013:

Tissot around the world: Canada

Tissot around the world: India, Japan, Australia & New Zealand

Who was Algernon Moses Marsden?

July 2013:

Portrait 2, best one to use on blogTissot in the U.S.: The Midwest

Tissot in the U.K.: Cambridgeshire, Oxford & Bury St. Edmunds

Tissot in the Conservatory

August 2013:

At the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Virginia with Marguerite in Church (1865), by James Tissot.

Tissot in the U.S.: The Mid-Atlantic

Tissot in the U.K.: Bristol & Southampton

James Tissot’s garden idyll & Kathleen Newton’s death

Lucy Paquette at the Worcester Art Museum (Photo by R.R. Zuercher)September 2013:

James Tissot’s house at St. John’s Wood, London

Tissot in the U.S.:  New England

Tissot in the U.K.: Northern England

October 2013:

In the Conservatory (Rivals)For sale:  In the Conservatory (Rivals), c. 1875, by James Tissot

Was Cecil Newton James Tissot’s son?

Tissot in the U.S.:  The West

November 2013:

For sale: A Visit to the Yacht, c. 1873, by James Tissot

Visiting The Artist's Ladies.

James Tissot the Collector:  His works by Degas, Manet & Pissarro

December 2013:

Tissot in the U.S.:  New York

Tissot’s La Femme à Paris series

Civic 7a, USE tho my feet cut offJanuary 2014:

Tissot’s Romances

February 2014:

Tissot in the U.K.:  London, at The Geffrye & the Guildhall

Ball on Shipboard 1Tissot in the U.K.:  London, at the Tate

March 2014:

From Princess to Plutocrat: Tissot’s Patrons

Artistic intimates:  Tissot’s patrons among his friends & colleagues

April 2014:

Was James Tissot a Plagiarist?

LucyConcert1, by Rick

More “Plagiarists”: Tissot’s friends Manet, Degas, Whistler & Others

James Tissot Goes to the Museum

May 2014:

James Tissot in the Roaring ‘20s

Tissot’s Comeback in the 1930s

IMG_3022June 2014:

Girls to Float Your Boat, by James Tissot

James Tissot in the 1940s: La Mystérieuse is identified

July 2014:


James Tissot in the era of Abstract Expressionism

James Tissot and the Revival of Victorian Art in the 1960s

August 2014:

If only we’d bought James Tissot’s paintings in the 1970s!

James Tissot’s popularity boom in the 1980s

September 2014:

IMG_5040, shot to use on blogJames Tissot in the Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection

A visit to James Tissot’s house & Kathleen Newton’s grave

October 2014:

James Tissot’s “A Civic Procession” (c. 1879)

James Tissot’s “Miss Sydney Milner-Gibson” (c. 1872)

Celebrities & Millionaires Vie for Tissot’s Paintings in the 1990s

Lucy by counter, open smileNovember 2014:

The Stars of Victorian Painting: Auction Prices

Belle Époque Portraits in Pastel by James Tissot

December 2014:

Lucy 2 (2)A Closer Look at Tissot’s “The Ladies of the Chariots”

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Too Early”

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “The Artists’ Wives”

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “The Ball on Shipboard”

January 2015:

James Tissot, Rivals 1879Tissot in the new millenium: Museum Exhibitions

Tissot in the new millenium: Museum Acquisitions

Tissot in the new millennium: Oils at Auction

February 2015:

James Tissot’s Medieval Paintings, 1858-67

the-rendez-vousJames Tissot’s Faust series, 1860-65

March 2015:

James Tissot’s Directoire series, 1868-71

April 2015:

Tissot and his Friends Clown Around

still-on-topJames Tissot’s Georgian Girls, c. 1872

May 2015:

James Tissot’s Weather Forecast

James Tissot Domesticated

the-terrace-of-the-trafalgar-tavern-greenwich-londonJune 2015:

Tissot and Degas visit the Louvre, 1879

The Art of Waiting, by James Tissot

July 2015:

in-churchTissot’s Brush with Impressionism

August 2015:

James Tissot’s Church Ladies

September 2015:

James Tissot and Alfred Stevens

photo 3October 2015:

The James Tissot Tour of Paris

November 2015:

What became of James Tissot and Alfred Stevens?

December 2015:

James Tissot is now in Italy!

January 2016:

Victorians on the Move, by James Tissot

February 2016:

IMG_3706, image for blogTissot vs. Bouguereau: La sœur aînée (The Elder Sister)

March 2016:

Tissot in the U.S.: The Speed Museum, Kentucky

April 2016:

Happy Hour with James Tissot

May 2016:

Oil paintings by James Tissot registered with the Nazi Era Provenance Internet Portal (NEPIP)

June 2016:

Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: Aristocrats (1865 – 1868)

Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: Officers, soldiers & sailors (1868 – 1883/85)

IMG_2651, Count Étienne de GanayJuly 2016:

Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: The Casual Male (1871 – 1878)

Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: Sportsmen & Servants (1874 – 1885)

August 2016:

Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: Gentlemen & Rogues (1865 – 1879)

September 2016:

James Tissot, In_the_conservatory, wikimediaJames Tissot’s Cloisonné

October 2016:

James Tissot’s Fashion Plates (1864-1878): A Guest Post for Mimi Matthews by Lucy Paquette

img_0551-2-copyright-lucy-paquetteNovember 2016:

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “The Fan”

A Closer Look: The Circus Lover (The Amateur Circus), by James Tissot

December 2016:

Tissot’s Study for the family of the Marquis de Miramon (1865)

img_0525-copyright-lucy-paquette-2016January 2017:

James Tissot in Mourning

James Tissot’s Mourners at Auction

February 2017

A James Tissot Chronology, by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web

James Tissot (1836-1902): a brief biography by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web

room-overlooking-the-harbourMarch 2017

The Artist’s Closet: James Tissot’s Prop Costumes

April 2017

Tissot’s Tiger Skin: A Prominent Prop

Willesden JunctionWicker: James Tissot’s Modern Prop Furniture

May 2017

A Proper British Prop: Tissot’s Tartan Blanket

June 2017

James Tissot’s Models à la Mode

Bingham_-_James_Tissot_01July 2017

James Tissot’s Model and Muse, Kathleen Newton

August 2017

James Tissot: Portraits of the Artist

September 2017

The Company He Kept: James Tissot’s Friends

IMG_1036October 2017

The James Tissot Tour of Victorian England

November 2017

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Hush! (The Concert)”

December 2017

Tissot’s Study for “Young Women looking at Japanese Objects” (1869)

January 2018

A spotlight on Tissot at the Tate’s “The EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London”

IMG_8012, copyright by Lucy PaquetteFebruary 2018

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Quarrelling”

March 2018

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Algernon Moses Marsden”

img_8766-copyright-lucy-paquette, Cincinnati TissotApril 2018

James Tissot, the painter art critics love to hate

French Painter James Tissot’s British Clients: Rising Industrialists, by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web

May 2018

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Young Women Looking at Japanese Articles”

June 2018

James Tissot and the Pre-Raphaelites

July 2018

James Tissot’s Modern Paintings in Victorian England

IMG_0214 (2), copyright Lucy PaquetteAugust 2018

John Atkinson Grimshaw and James Tissot

September 2018

Tea and Tissot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

October 2018

The Hammock’s Six-Year Anniversary: Top Ten Tissot Posts (2012-2018) by Lucy Paquette

Morning RideNovember 2018

James Tissot’s Brushwork

December 2018

James Tissot and Two Ladies of Leisure

tissot_james_jacques_the_fireplace (2)January 2019

James Tissot’s Animals

February 2019

Portrait of the Pilgrim: James Tissot’s Reinvention (1885-1895)

March 2019

Portrait of the Pilgrim: “not necessary or advisable to start a controversy” (1896-1898)

IMG_2567 (2)April 2019

Paris, 1885-1900

Portrait of the Pilgrim: “a dealer of genius” (1899-1900)

May 2019

A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Embarkation at Calais”

James Tissot, Room Overlooking the HarbourJune 2019

Who was the Comtesse d’Yanville?

July 2019

On Holiday with James Tissot and Kathleen Newton in 1878, by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web


August 2019

Tissot’s Study for “Young Lady in a Boat”

September 2019

Tissot’s Textures

October 2019

James Tissot, Fashion and Faith, wall with October, 1877James Tissot’s Prints

November 2019

James Tissot’s Prints at the Zimmerli Art Museum

December 2019

James Tissot: Fashion & Faith, a retrospective at the Legion of Honor

2020_02, Lucy at SFO, IMG_0280January 2020

James Tissot, the painter art critics still love to hate: a retrospective review round-up

February 2020

What happens at the Tissot Symposium…stays at the Tissot Symposium?

Le Journal

March 2020

“Berthe,” “Sunday Morning,” and “The Newspaper”

April 2020

The James Tissot Gift Shop

Ten “missing” Tissot paintings that turned up

Burlington Magazine, Cover, July 2020, their copyrightMay 2020

Tissot’s Illustrations for Renée Mauperin (1884)

June 2020

The few images of people of color by the Impressionists and James Tissot

July 2020

“Tissot’s wartime sketchbook, 1870-71,” in The Burlington Magazine (July 2020)



August 2020

Lounging around with James Tissot

September 2020

James Tissot’s “Chrysanthemums” (1877)

October 2020

The Hammock: A novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot is available in a new paperback edition!


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  2. Pingback: En attendant Tissot – Peintres méconnus du XIXème siècle : une autre histoire de l'art

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