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You can view a Board showcasing works by James Tissot from 1859 to 1882 at:

You also can view this Board, showing people, places, photos and paintings related to the world of The Hammock:  A novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot, by Lucy Paquette, now available for Kindle e-readers:

I hope you enjoy these.  Both Boards are works in progress!


Lucy Paquette participates in the Goodreads Authors Program.

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Patricia O'Reilly

    Hi Lucy, this may be of interest to you.The Society f Authors president Philip Pullman has written to the UK business secretary expressing concern about websites offering illegal downloads etc, stating that ‘book piracy has the potential to damage the legitimate book market’. SoA has published a Guide to Online Piracy – can be found website of from the SoA on request.

  2. Phil

    Dear Lucy,
    Today, a group of us who live in Greater Manchester paid a virtual visit to Manchester Art Gallery to view and discuss “Hush!”, facilitated by a member of the Gallery team (‘virtual’ as we are all locked-down in our homes).
    We made an observation which may interest you, and which you may enjoy adding to your interesting notes accompanying your close-ups. It concerns the lady “Making an impression with a dramatic late entrance…”. We believe her glance is directly towards a woman seated off-canvas at the extreme right who is wearing an identical dress! Also, that this might have influenced her to sit where she has chosen, rather than on the obviously empty chair in the foreground, close to the said woman.
    Another Tissot comment on social behaviour?
    Kind regards,
    Phil Bodley


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