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A Closer Look at Tissot’s “Quarrelling”

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It’s a rare thing to see a painting by James Tissot from a private collection.  For this opportunity, I thank a lovely gentlemen I know from Twitter, who alerted me last fall that three of Tissot’s oil paintings were on temporary loan to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  I made the trip to see Quarrelling (c. 1874-76), The Bunch of Lilacs (1875), and Algernon Moses Marsden (1877).

IMG_8012, copyright by Lucy PaquetteIn Quarrelling, which Tissot exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1876, a stylish couple stand in uncomfortable silence on opposite sides of one of the cast-iron columns in the graceful, curved colonnade that Tissot added to his garden at 17 (now 44), Grove End Road, St. John’s Wood, around 1875.  Copied from the colonnade in Parc Monceau in Paris, it became the backdrop for a number of Tissot’s paintings in the next few years.

photo 1

Parc Monceau, Paris.  (Photo by Lucy Paquette.)

Everything in this picture is beautiful – and beautifully painted:  the man’s dapper beige lounge suit, his flamboyant tan and white leather spectator shoes, and his straw boater with its black band; the woman’s chic fur-trimmed ensemble, which Tissot used in other paintings, the slick black cast iron, the slightly broken surface of the ornamental pond, and the quietly rippling willow branches.  Enjoy Tissot’s brushwork in the photographs below!

IMG_7950, Quarreling, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7982 (2), copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7953, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7961 (2), copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7985, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7973, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7983, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7997, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7972, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7954, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7956, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7957, copyright by Lucy Paquette

IMG_7977, copyright by Lucy Paquette

Stay tuned for another private viewing in my next post, “A Closer Look at Tissot’s Algernon Moses Marsden.”

As for The Bunch of Lilacs, one of my favorite of all Tissot’s oil paintings, this is what I found during my visit:

IMG_8031, copyright by Lucy Paquette


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