About the Author

Author Photograph by Lisa Cooper
New York

A writer with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and English Literature from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, Lucy Paquette studied with the British and European Studies Group, London (B.E.S.G.L.), 9 York Terrace East.  After beginning her career in marketing and copywriting in Washington, D.C., she became a freelance writer for publications including Signature, a publication of the Women’s National Book Association, and Maquette, the journal of the International Sculpture Center.  Using dozens of contemporary sources, the author has recreated Tissot’s life through his friendships, residences and letters, reviews and other published documents to shed light on a fascinating but little-known figure embroiled in the birth of Impressionism and modern art.

Member:  Association of Art Historians

Contributor to The Victorian Web:

A James Tissot Chronology, by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web

James Tissot (1836-1902): a brief biography by Lucy Paquette for The Victorian Web

View my videos:

“The Strange Career of James Tissot”  (2:33 min.)

“Louise Jopling and James Tissot”  (2:42 min.)

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Lucy Paquette participates in the Goodreads Authors Program.


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