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April 1 is my birthday, so you must expect my annual tradition of a little gentle humor. This year, it’s a little levity during a challenging time as my gift to you: we’re all in this together, and we need to keep our spirits up however we can. Art lovers hunkered down all over the world, this is for you.

Inspired by a Twitter thread last year, in which items found for sale online – such as a shower curtain printed with Lord Byron on his Death Bed (c. 1826, by Joseph-Denis Odevaere) – were suggested for the gift shop at Byron’s ancestral home, Newstead Abbey…allow me to present The James Tissot Gift Shop. Imagine the possibilities for redecorating your home, and transforming your personal style, à la Tissot during the lockdown necessary to keep us all as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shop online, or distract yourself for a few minutes by browsing! You can begin every day on an upbeat note, confidently sipping coffee in your very own Still on Top mug. And don’t prepare another breakfast without your new Ladies of the Cars Apron! Maybe you’d like to linger over breakfast in bed, using your “Waiting for the Fairy” [sic] Serving Tray. [We’re all waiting for the fairy.] Remember to cough into your elbow or your The Bridesmaid napkins. 

Smooth your The Shop Girl duvet cover and replace all your worn hand towels and bath towels with new ones featuring Tissot’s paintings, such as A Woman of Ambition – an image sure to jump-start any endeavor, from organizing your book shelves to home-schooling your children.

Self-care is important; if you’d like the artist moodily assessing you each morning, try this shower curtain.

Tissot gifts, shower curtain, self-portrait-1865-james-tissot

Settle in for the weeks ahead. Toss James Tissot throw pillows on all your armchairs and sofas, suited to your lifestyle and personality: On the Thames, 1876 Throw Pillow or The Captain and the Mate, 1873 Throw Pillow if you’re adventurous; Room Overlooking the Harbour Throw Pillow  or Chrysanthemums, 1876 Throw Pillow if you’re the contemplative type; Hide and Seek Throw Pillow if you have children; or, if you feel the urge to belong vicariously to an elite private club of aristocrats idling away the day (before the days of social distancing) on a balcony of the Hôtel de Coislin overlooking the Place de la Concorde in Paris, the Circle of the rue Royale Throw Pillow.

Tissot gifts, on-the-thames-1876 throw pillow            Tissot gifts, the-convalescent-1876 throw pillow

Marquise de Miramon, Getty Open ContentIf you must leave your house, perhaps to stock up on dried beans and canned tuna, you’ll need the Portrait of the Marquise de Miramon Reusable Grocery Bag.

And if you think, as I do, that the Marquise, née Thérèse Feuillant, is exquisite, you’ll also want her image on a Set of car mats as well as the Crossbody Bag as you deliver some supplies to a neighbor or two.

Otherwise, stay home and make good use of her image on your new Ping Pong Paddle and Playing cards while wearing the All-Over Printed Unisex Tank.

You can find dozens of jigsaw puzzles from Tissot paintings to keep you and your family busy, including the lovely “The Bunch of Lilacs” jigsaw puzzle“Holyday” jigsaw puzzle, and “Afternoon Tea” jigsaw puzzle. And if you’re a reader, you’ll definitely want to download The Hammock: a novel based on the true story of French painter James Tissot (remember, there are free reading apps available on Amazon for your PC, tablet and smartphone).

There’s no James Tissot coloring book, but since his paintings showcase women’s fashions of the 1860s, 1870s, and 1880s, lose yourself in the Godey’s Fashions Coloring Book, Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions Coloring Book, or Victorian Gowns Coloring Book (coloring can be very soothing, since it requires little effort and maintains your focus on something positive and beautiful).

James Tissot, Snack, TheLooking for another creative outlet? You can cross-stitch some of Tissot’s compositions, such as The Gallery of the HMS Calcutta and Reading a Book.

Or enjoy the comfort of baking, using your “Waiting for the Ferry” Cake Pan.

It’s user-recommended as a “nice bridal shower gift,” but don’t be tempted to socialize: please do your part and consume your cakes at home!

Daintily snacking on your own cake is, possibly, one activity for which you’ll enjoy social distancing.

Tissot gifts, yoga mat, abandoned-james-jacques-joseph-tissot

Tissot gifts, yoga mat, jesus-in-prison-tissotTissot Gifts, yoga mat, the-prehistoric-women-james-tissotDo stay fit at home with a wide range of James Tissot yoga mats, though you must brace yourself for the options, which include the Abandoned yoga mat (above), the Prehistoric Women Yoga Mat (left, for a wild workout), and a full selection from Tissot’s Bible illustrations, such as the Adam Is Tempted by Eve Yoga MatThe Wise Virgins yoga mat, the Blind Leading the Blind Yoga Mat, and the truly egregious Jesus in Prison yoga mat (right). You may instead find yourself enchanted by the ethereal beauty and fresh, pure landscape of the Autumn on the Thames yoga mat.

Just remember to stay hydrated with your “Quiet” Stainless Steel Water Bottle.” (Though by now, you also may need either A Type of Beauty beer steins or, at least, the A Type of Beauty hip flask.)

James Tissot, Brooklyn Museum, Jesus_Walks_on_the_Sea_(Jésus_marche_sur_la_mer)_-_James_Tissot_-_overallBut since James Tissot was acclaimed for illustrating the Bible, there are any number of items available reproducing this body of work, which may strike you as irreverent or devotional depending upon your perspective.

As a sampler, let’s look at items featuring his painting, Jesus Walks on the Sea: a table lamp, a pendant lamp [temporarily sold out], a night light, a light switch cover (which, really, was not the best idea), an LED candle, and a snow globe.

There’s also the “Jesus Walks on the Sea” Cutting Board and the “Jesus Walks on the Sea” bottle opener, to which 81% of users give a 5-star rating.

And there are still other ways that The James Tissot Gift Shop can help us make the best of our altered reality.

Working from your new home office? Keep an eye on the time with your The Woman Of Fashion Clock.

If you require new binders to sort your paperwork, there’s something for everyone, e.g. the Emmanuel Chabrier, aged 20, 1861 3-ring binder and the A Tedious Story 3-ring binder (to stuff with everything from tax documents to incoming mail you just cannot deal with right now).


Need to scribble a shopping list while foraging in the pantry for the mid-day meal? This A Luncheon notebook will come in handy.

But what you really need to organize your every rendez-vous – yes, all those video conferences, FaceTime group calls, Google Hangouts, and daily Skype chats to keep tabs on Grandma and Grandpa – is a planner featuring A Luncheon.

If you’re musical, you’ll be happy to know that A Luncheon also is available on a guitar pick.

Maybe you lack that particular talent, but still, you can “bump up the volume of your favorite jams” with the “Waiting at the Station speaker.”

Be sure to use this time to enliven your wardrobe with some James Tissot style.

Women can start with some investment pieces, such as these “James Tissot Young Lady In A Boat Crew Socks.”

Tissot gifts, crew socks

Step up your game by pairing your new socks with the “Studio11Couture Women Hoodie Dress Hooded Tunic James Tissot Young Lady In A Boat Athleisure Sweatshirt.” You know you want it! No need to pad around your apartment in sweat pants when you can be this glam in comfort.

Tissot gifts, Lady on Boat hoodie

James Tissot Gift Shop, portrait-of-eugene-coppens-de-fontenay-1867-james-jacques-joseph-tissot

Male admirers of James Tissot will have to be content, for the foreseeable future, with T-shirts and hoodies until public gatherings again are permissible.

Then, you can sport enough chic ties, announcing your newfound fashion sense, to bring every passing stranger within three feet of you. Prepare yourself.

In the meantime, be safe, my dears! Wash your hands, look out for your loved ones and your neighbors, and stay home. Thanks for sharing a little laughter to celebrate my birthday with me.

And in light of the Covid-19 crisis, there’s one last item in The James Tissot Gift Shop you might consider: The Lord’s Prayer Coffee Mug.

Note: All merchandise is featured for informational purposes only. No endorsement or advertising is intended or implied for any goods, services, or companies, and no compensation has been received by the author.


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